Subway Surfers Trips, Tricks, Guides – Be legend in the game!

subway surfers tipssubway surfers tips

Subway Surfers Tips, Tricks, Guides – Be legend in the game!

As we know well in the android and ios games is a huge competition to be the first player in the game sometimes it is impossible.

Especially in Subway Surfers game, because many players are play with different coins buying or character unlockers for money and spend a lot of money for them only to unlock this feature.

For that I thought about to share with you, right now the latest subway surfers hack 2016, tricks, and guides, especially for the people who want to become a real player in the game and who won’t spend a lot of money for the resources.

There are totally free; it is not required a penny for buying the items or to unlock the items.

May exactly what is Subway Surfers game?

Subway surfers game is the one of the best favorite game, which became very famous game after the famous game the “temple run.”

Because of the updates and the upgrades in this application, is have a lot of players more than 3 million which play every day. Developed by the kilo for android and ios devices.

Subway surfers launch trailer

Subway surfers general guides:

  • Which powerups to upgrade firstPersonally, i suggest you update the first time, the “early” game updates after that mid to late upgrades
  • How to get 1 million coins in your game account also how you can use
    To get 1 million coins in your game account is not an easy job. You need to play much houres per day; you have to run, jump and dash on the trains, collect the coins which appear there and collect the super powers.


subway surfers tips

subway surfers tips

My best score using the guides which I will present for you too, help me to get an unlimited score, may accurately 9820000 coins and 982000 keys.

Those stats I made single without any cheat hack or something else that is 100 % legally way.

Another good tip about the subway surfers are when you collect the multiplier than try to raise many at the same time, so you will able to multiple your possible score for example if you will have the multiplier of 1x and you will run 100 meters then your coins will automatically grow to 100 points.

So the idea is if you have 30x multiplier then your points will be 3000.

New update: Score booster

After you got few coins in your account, I suggest you visit the shop.

There you will able to upgrade your gears or powerups. Those are only two, but you can upgrade more than ten super powers.

Personally, I recommend for you, to use the Jetpack and the 2x multiplier, also the coin magnet.
Using those tricks you will able to jump for the coins which are above, and also you will fly with your jetpack and the another great thing you will attract the coins.

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